Bach Save the children charity

These orphanages in the Vietnam countryside are run by nuns and monks at temples.

There are many children dropped off by their parents due to the poverty and prostitution problems in Vietnam.

Your generous donation will send a child desperately needed hope, love, and happiness. This is your opportunity to remind these children that they too are members of the world community.

Your donations provide:

Food, Milk, Diapers, Clothing, Bottles, and Clean Water.  But the most important gift of all that you get to give these children are LOVE and HOPE.

Please remember to add your donation during check out. 

In the spirit surrounding the tradition of the Agarwood harvest, please consider including a donation that will go directly to the orphanages. At Bach Incense, we are committed to donate an additional 10% of our sales to these charities that are very close to our heart.  

May God Blessed you,

Thank you 


Delivering food to Orphanage