About Us

There is a saying in the world of Agarwood, "The Agarwood tree choose you, you do not choose the agarwood tree."  When Agarwood crosses your path, it is because you are worthy and deserving to be call upon by its spirit.

We believe the spiritual calling of these trees are to help the people who seek to better themselves spiritually.  To understand who they are meant to be and with the transformations and the breakthroughs that these people get to have, they get to make the world a better place. 

Only then, these trees can gives their lives to the cause.  That is why there is a saying, "The Agarwood tree choose you.  You do not choose the Agarwood tree."

Our family have been spiritually called upon by these trees to fill the need to the world of people who are seeking connecting to their spiritual being and calling.  Whether through meditations, personal development, or just to calm the mind so that you can listen to your inner voice.  

We are blessed to be tapped by these very special trees.  And when you crosses Agarwood path, it is faith that brought you here my friends.

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The Green Tree Plantation  http://bit.ly/2ruXJS6